ActivConnect G

ActivCast Ports

Network Requirements for Mirroring

For mirroring to work, both the ActivCast receiver and the ActivCast sender have to be connected to a network that can be reached and routable by both the sender and the receiver. This can be wired or wireless. Connecting to a network is established by the operating system on the sender and the receiver using the normal built-in tools of the operating system. From a security standpoint ActivCast works like any other application on a user’s machine. Therefore it is subject to all the security polices of an organisation. To allow Airplay® to work correctly the following are required: • If your network employs a firewall it is necessary to set the ActivCast application to be trusted and applies to Domain, Private and public profiles. • The following ports need to be open and allowed. TCP 6000-7000, 7100, 47000, 47010 UDP 5353, 6000-7000, 7011

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